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BEWARE       Friday 03.27.2015   02:00 PM

Attention Lakeland Electric Customers:
  • If you receive a suspicious email from your utility
  • If you receive a strange phone call from your utility
  • If a stranger shows up to your house claiming he's with your utility
    YOU are probably victim of a scam!
    One particular scam involves convincing customers that their electricity is scheduled to be shut off unless they purchase a "Green Dot " Visa credit card over the phone. The callers claim to be legitimate utility workers, but rob the innocent customers once they provide their financial information.
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Watts Up

Project Care

You Can Help.. 

PROJECT CARE was developed to assist people with paying their electric bills. Lakeland Electric customers who are 60 and older and/or disabled are eligible for assistance. 

But for PROJECT CARE to continue to work, we need your help. » Read More.

REEnergize Lakeland

The REEnergize Lakeland Finance program is a financing option for Lakeland Electric Customers who wish to upgrade their homes to become more energy efficient. >> Read More