REEnergize Lakeland

The REEnergize Lakeland Finance program is a financing option for Lakeland Electric Customers who wish to upgrade their homes to become more energy efficient. The funding was made available from an Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block grant awarded to the City of Lakeland under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) in 2010. 

The Program works by extending a zero interest loan from $500 up to $5,000 to qualified homeowners to install one or more upgrades from a pre-approved list of contractors. Upon completion of approved project, the Recording fee and loan payments will be assessed on your monthly Lakeland Electric utility bill, and must be paid in addition to all other charges on your bill. Applicants must agree to execute a mortgage and corresponding Promissory Note to secure loan repayment which shall serve as a lien on Customer’s property until the loan is paid in full. 

In order to take advantage of the program, Customers should complete and submit an Application, and then contact a Contractor to submit a project and cost proposal to provide to Lakeland Electric. Customers must adhere to strict timelines to take advantage of the Program to ensure that money is not being held for Customers who will not be ultimately using it.

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It is estimated that replacing windows in a home can save 25-50% of the energy needed to heat and cool a home. 


Faye Hemingway
Energy Efficiency Programs Coordinator
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